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Introduction to the MFI


The Michael Faraday Institution e.V. was founded in 1991, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Michael Faraday. He was born on 22 September 1791 near London. Michael Faraday is known for his discoveries in the areas of electromagnetic induction, electrolysis und electrostatics. He constructed the first dynamo, and the unit Farad of capacitance is named after him.


Thus Michael Faraday made an outstanding contribution to the engineering sciences. It is for this reason that an association dedicated to furthering the engineering sciences in Germany was named after him. 


The Michael Faraday Institution e.V. is a registered association (e.V.) having its seat in Munich. According to the last communication ("Freistellungsbescheid") dated 4 August 2009 from the German tax authorities, tax number 143/219/20102, the charitable educational objectives of the association were recognised so that the association is not subject to corporation tax, Article 5,  Paragraph 1, No. 9 KStG.


According to its constitution, the purpose of the association is to further the engineering sciences, particularly electronics and electrical engineering, within Germany. This purpose is achieved through seminars, scientific and technical discussions and visits to sites of technical interest and to exhibitions relating to technical subjects. All such activities are open to the public.