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Events calendar 2008


9th February 2008, bavarian region

Technical talk at 14:00 by Professor Paul Thomas on "The sensing of volatile organic compounds", emphasizing their importance in diagnostic methods (see at Dachau Youth Hostel (Jugendgästehaus). Travel information.


11th April 2008, bavarian region

Talk by Ulrich Skowronek on “Investing for engineers”. Presentation (PDF 1.38 MB).


20th July 2008, bavarian region

Family event at BMW Welt.


27th July 2008, Baden-Württemberg region

Summer barbecue.


19th September 2008, bavarian region

Talk by Paul Cullen “Overview of challenges of founding a high tech innovative software company.


Postponed, bavarian region

Talk by Professor Josef Börcsök, University of Kassel, on “Determination of safety integrity levels with different requirements”.


4th October 2008, all regions

Annual national meeting of the MFI. Agenda.

Annual national meeting of the IET Germany Network in Fulda. Flyer. Programme. Reply form. Buffet info. Music. Partner programme. Feedback. Presentation on tidal power generation on Alderney.


21st October 2008, bavarian region (cancelled)

1-day seminar in at BeOne GmbH in Munich: “Mission Critical Applications from Aerospace and Automotive to the Power Industry, Logistics and Telecommunications”. Registration form.


6th December 2008, bavarian region

Munich Christmas meeting and dinner at the Villa Flora restaurant (U/S-Bahn Heimeranplatz). Feedback.


13th December 2008, Baden-Württemberg region

Ulm Christmas meeting and dinner at Gaststätte Forelle, Ulm at 7 pm. Technical talk by Dr. Peter Langheinrich.