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Events calendar 2007


10th February 2007, Bavarian region

Talk by Thomas Kennedy, Sepura Germany on "TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) overview and impact for German BOS" at the Novotel Neuperlach.


20th April 2007, Bavarian region

Talk by Julian Stacey on “Alternatives to Microsoft”.


Postponed, Nordrhein-Westfalen region

Lecture by Dr. Paul Thomas on "The sensing of volatile organics", emphasizing their importance in diagnostic methods (see


6th May 2007, Bavarian region

MFI Stand at Munich Newcomers' festival on the Praterinsel.


2nd June 2007, Bavarian region

Guided tour of Munich airport.


23rd to 24th June 2007, all regions

Annual national meeting of the IET Germany Network in Würzburg. General info, programme, reply form.


23rd June 2007, all regions

The Annual General Meeting of the MFI in the Dorint Novotel, Würzburg. Agenda. Minutes. Report.


7th September 2007, Bavarian region

Talk by Ted Hopper on space applications of motors manufactured by Maccon GmbH (


13th October 2007, Baden-Württemberg region

Student paper competition Ulm. Call for papers. Event programme. Reply form.


9th November 2007, Bavarian region

Talk by Francis Marshall on the historical aircraft Bf109, the carrier-based Messerschmitt.


1st December 2007, Bavarian region

Christmas dinner and talk at Munich Airport. The guest speaker will be Munich Airport COO Peter Trautmann who will give a talk on how the airport has evolved and sustained its growth, including the development of Terminal 2, to become one of the most important airline hubs in Europe. Advance notice.